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When ticking the travel bucket list, for most people, choice destinations are often the exotic spots of mass appeal. Catching a plane to the least visited places, however, holds the frenzy of the unknown that could transform how you see travel forever. Not sure of where else to visit? Here are the least traveled countries on the planet that are worth exploring.

1. Comoros

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Coromos is one of Earth’s most off-beat paths hardly threaded by many soles through history’s course. A small island tucked away in the Indian Ocean, Comoros is home to untouched rainforest beaming in the abundance of rare species. If you’re seeking an off-grid escape from the rattling living conditions on the western fronts, Comoros waits for you with open arms.

2. Tuvalu

Aerial view of the island of Tuvalu located in the Pacific Ocean.
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One of the smallest countries in the World, Tuvalu possesses incredible nine coral atolls that will make your jaw drop. Its clear crystal waters and serene environment of only ten thousand residents make it an exclusive natural utopia.

The Tuvalu airport is a tiny runway that locals convert to a football pitch (field) when there are no inbound flights.

3. Suriname

Historic buildings in the center of Paramaribo, capital of Suriname.
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Stuffed with colonial architecture and resplendent in the blend of indigenous, African, and Dutch influences, Suriname is deftly hidden on the northeastern coast of South America, and hardly anyone goes there.

For the few that have graced the sands of this island, they’ve come to say the hospitality of the people of Suriname transcends hearsay. This destination promises a good time.

4. Sao Tome and Principe

Summit of Cao Grande, Sao Tome and Principe, Africa
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Edged by two volcanic islands, Sao Tome and Principe is any adventurer’s utopia, but it’s known only by a few and hardly visited. The abundance of wildlife, volcanoes, hidden waterfalls, and secluded beaches of this country off the western coast of Central Africa makes it a nature lover’s nirvana.

5. Turkmenistan

The Door to Hell',Turkmenistan
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Shrouded in mystery and history as ancient as time, hardly anyone visits Turkmenistan from the outside. A relic of bygone eras, Turkmenistan is the birthplace of the fiery Gates of Hell and the majestic ruins of Merv.

When you visit this place, you’ll enjoy the welcoming ambiance of the Turks and marvel at the ancient extravagant architecture that could give modern structures a run for their money.

6. Kiribati

Aerial view of Kiribati in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
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Comprising 33 coral atolls spread beautifully at the mouth of its white-sand beaches, Kiribati is a tropical paradise that could be a lover’s perfect haven if you would be visiting with your partner. Kiribari sees the sun wetting the faces of its residents before its dawn in most other places on Earth.

7. Bhutan

The Tiger's Nest Monastery - Bhutan.
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Bhutan crisscrosses the paths of the Himalayas but is starved of tourism patronage and remains largely untouched by outsiders. In Bhutan, you’ll bask in the sun of peak-seeking mountains, ancient places of worship, and history so old as the hieroglyphs’ times.

8. Nauru

Nauru - 3rd smallest country in the world, aerial view
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Harly heard of or known, the obscurity of Nauru makes it one of the least mapped destinations for adventurers and tourists alike.

But if you seek a fascinating glimpse into the Pacific while you’re enveloped in this small nation’s turquoise water and colorful reefs, you should hop on a plane to Nauru as soon as possible.

9. Sierra Leone

Freetown, Sierra Leone – Nov 11, 2017: Freetown is home to 9 quite stunning beaches. Tokeh Beach, at 4.4Km long, is one of the longest, and is located within 30 minutes drive of the city.
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War-torn past and persistent economic downturns are some ways we see Sierra Leone. But the African country is not all gloom and doom as it has continued to emerge from its turbulent past with renewed vitality.

Sierra Leone offers a quiet natural ambiance for sunseekers; you may also embark on a safari adventure in local parks teeming with chimpanzees and rare wild species.

10. Solomon Islands

Half sunken ship at Roderick Bay in Solomon Island.
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Hardly in the news for reasons outside politics between the big powers, the Solomon Islands is a confluence of vibrant culture, naturally bespoke beauty, and World War II history.

A compost of over 900 islands, this country of reefs and numerous shipwrecks promises an exhilarating tour if yyou’dhop on the plane and visit its shores for the adventure of a lifetime.

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