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We all have those cities that we heard fantastic things about but didn’t impress us much. For me, it was New York. It’s one of those places that gets all the hype about being a fantastic place to live and work, but I found the rude people and rush of the city outweighed all the good things about it. Of course, it’s all a matter of opinion, but some towns get more complaints than others. Here’s what one online travel forum nominated as the absolute worst.

1. New Orleans, Lousiana 

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While this Louisianan city received a lot of hate, most people directed it to the infamous debauchery of Bourbon Street. However, as one person said, “The food and music make up for everything else that may go wrong there.” 

2. Port Sudan, Sudan

Port Sudan, Sudan, 07/04/19. Container ship MSC Alice under flag of Liberia being loaded with containers and cargo in port in Port Sudan. Huge port cranes loading cargo.
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Somebody described this African city lying on the Red Sea’s edge as “120° F in the shade. I couldn’t find a beer to save my soul. And the only water I could find was from a literal mud hole with camels and poop lying in it, and they charged by the glass!”

3. Nashville, Tennessee

Downtown Nashville
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The country music capital of the U.S. doesn’t impress everyone. One felt that “Nashville was a rhinestone-encrusted hellhole of over-salted food, watered-down booze, and drunk bachelorettes.

4. Cairo, Egypt

The Nile River, Egypt
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Many people dream of visiting this epicenter of Ancient history, but for some, it didn’t live up to the hype. “As a female who solo-traveled all over the place, nothing was worse than Cairo. No pyramid seeing is worth what I put up with.”

5. Dubai, UAE

Bluewaters island and Ain Dubai ferris wheel on in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with JBR beach and Dubai marina aerial skyline cityscape view
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An unhappy visitor said it had “Absolutely no soul. Everything is just a display of wealth.” Another said, “U.A.E. citizens comprise only 11% of the population. The rest are ex-pats, many of whom are grossly exploited to facilitate the display of wealth.”

6. Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City skyline Utah at night
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“The people there are more contemptuous than a wolverine,” said one disgruntled poster. “Everything the general public does there is done with true disdain for every other living creature on earth.” Another described it as “A straight-up Children of the Corn experience. Creepy blond children were staring at you everywhere.”

7. Bakersfield, California

BAKERSFIELD, CA - JULY 31, 2018: Buck Owens' Crystal Palace is a popular tourist venue to hear country and western music. The architecture follows an old west motif.
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Have you heard about Bakersfield? While not much was said as to why people wouldn’t return to this Californian locale, another suggested it was the “armpit” of the state. The gang activity and graffiti everywhere are less than enticing.

8. Florida, USA

Orlando,Florida / United State - December 25 2018 : Universal Studios globe located at the entrance to the theme park.
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A city is one thing, but this person cited an entire state, and many agreed with them. “Every city. Backward state full of transients, drugs, and abusers — not to mention giant flying cockroaches.”

9. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia, USA – July 26, 2015: Evening panoramic aerial view of Atlanta skyline with a mobile sculpture of the SkyLounge rooftop terrace of the Glenn Hotel
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A resident stated, “I’m from Atlanta, and it boggles my mind that anyone would vacation here. I have no idea what you would do that you can’t do in any other larger city.” For another poster, it was a strange personal experience, “Ruined forever for me by a hotel room service guy who asked in all politeness whether I had intimate relations with my dog and then wouldn’t get out of my room.”

10. Houston, Texas

Skyline of Houston, Texas
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This person listed several issues with the Texan city, “Pollution, traffic, rain and humidity, dangerous industry, hurricanes, no zoning.” Others added to the list with, “Don’t forget, stormy mosquitoes, the size of B-52s.”

11. Knob Lick, Missouri

Knob Lick, Missouri
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While many couldn’t believe this was a real town’s name, one person would never return because “The Dairy Queen shorted me an ice cream cone.”

12. Las Vegas, Nevada

summer holidays, road trip and travel concept - happy young women driving in convertible car and laughing over welcome to fabulous las vegas sign background
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Several people thought the Nevadan city was depressing and strange. One person said, “The closer you get, the more litter is scattered on the side of the freeway. You’re reminded before you reach the city limits how people in Vegas see the world as their trash can and that everything is disposable. They make nature filthy but keep the Strip clean.”

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