13 Worst Movies According to Reddit and Rotten Tomatoes

A labor of love by John Travolta, many people believe Battlefield Earth ought to remain entirely on the cutting room floor.

One Redditor lists the film as the worst movie ever made, saying, “Battlefield Earth. I’m not sure how it even got a 3% on rotten tomatoes.”

Viewed as some as a cult classic, avoid it if you don’t want to lose two hours of your life you can’t get back.

Holmes and Watson

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

Everything Will Ferrell does is comedic gold, correct? Sadly, that’s not the case. One person lists Holmes and Watson as rubbish, saying “Holmes and Watson, literally every joke missed horribly, I regret not walking out of it.”

If you want classic Will Ferrell, opt for Anchorman on Paramount+ instead.

Jupiter Ascending

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

Jupiter Ascending has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 28 percent. Many people feel that’s too generous. One Redditor says, “I’m not saying “Jupiter Ascending” was the worst movie ever, but it is definitely two hours and seven minutes of my life that are filled with regret.”

Saying you regret a movie decision screams failure.

Home Sweet Home Alone

home alone
Photo Credit: 20th Century Studios

Home Alone is a classic movie and introduced the world to Macaulay Culkin. It is well loved. The second installment had some draw, but it ended there.

One person backs this up, saying “Yeah some of those are bad. Me and my wife went on a home alone mega binge one Christmas when it was too hot to go outside (thank god for air conditioner) and everything after #2 is diabolically bad.”

If you want a classic movie, stick with the original Home Alone.

Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker

star wars 9
Photo Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.

Star Wars fans love to debate about the quality of movies. Saying Rise of Skywalker fell flat is too kind. One person says, “I don’t even like Star Wars and I still think Rise of Skywalker was an insult to the franchise and movies in general.”

If you’re a Star Wars fan, opt for better choices on Disney+ instead.

Starship Troopers 2

Photo Credit: Tristar Columbia Pictures

Poor dialogue and an empty plot can ruin a movie. Starship Troopers 2 had both.

“Starship Trooper 2 was one of the biggest movie disappointments of my life. It’s complete and utter trash,” says one Redditor. The first installment wasn’t a cinematic masterpiece, but the second installment was horrible in the eyes of many.


Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

A poorly written script can doom a movie. Downsizing is guilty of that problem, amongst other things – such as the trailers being horribly misleading.

“It’s the only movie where I came out baffled at how horrible it was,” says one person. Another notes, “I came to this thread searching for this answer. I think this is my worst film of all time.”

Worst film of all time isn’t exactly a glowing review.

The English Patient

english patient
Photo Credit: Miramax

Don’t want to waste three hours of your time? Then skip The English Patient.

One Redditor is short and sweet, “The English Patient. Just die already.”

Elaine from Seinfeld would agree.

La La Land

la la land
Photo Credit: Lionsgate

Musicals can be hit or miss. Well, for many, La La Land was a swing and a miss.

“Controversial one, but for me it was La La Land. Was really excited as I’m a huge fan of musicals and the classics like Moulin Rouge and Singing in the Rain. Fell asleep in the cinema. Tried to rewatch it at home and didn’t make it all the way through. Very dull,” says one person.

If you don’t like musicals, you may not enjoy La La Land.

House of the Dead

Photo Credit: Artisan Entertainment

House of the Dead is a video game series, they also based a movie on it. They shouldn’t have.

“It was so god-awful. People in the theater were making fun of it and making their own commentary. That was the only redeemable part of watching the movie,” says one Redditor.

If a horrible script and zero tension isn’t your thing, save your time.

Winnie the Pooh Blood and Honey

pooh blood and honey
Photo Credit: MovieCompany B.V. / Jagged Edge Productions

Winnie the Pooh in a slasher film? If it sounds disappointing, and weirdly odd, that’s because it is.

One person says, “Winnie the Pooh; Blood and Honey – by far the worst movie I’ve ever seen; I loved it.”

Skip the slashing and opt for the classic tales of Pooh instead.

Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.

Star Wars devotees weren’t necessarily fans of the two non-original trilogies. That’s especially the case for The Last Jedi.

“It was so bad that it dragged the first film down with it, it put me off watching the following film at all, and it remains the only Star Wars film I have ever only watched once,” says one Redditor.

That’s saying something for a Star Wars fan.

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