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Ethiopian cinema has a wealthy historical past, with notable movies and gifted artists. Listed below are just a few Ethiopian films and artists to discover:

Motion pictures:

Artist Melat nebyu
  1. “Difret” (2014) – Directed by Zeresenay Berhane Mehari, this movie relies on a real story and explores the follow of abduction for compelled marriage in Ethiopia.
  2. “Lamb” (2015) – Directed by Yared Zeleke, this film tells the story of a younger Ethiopian boy who should shield his beloved pet lamb from being sacrificed.


  1. Haile Selassie – Though primarily generally known as the Emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie additionally had an affect on Ethiopian arts and tradition, and he was a patron of Ethiopian artists.
  2. Mahmoud Ahmed – A famend Ethiopian singer identified for his soulful voice and contributions to the Ethiopian jazz and pop music scene.
  3. Aster Aweke – A well-known Ethiopian singer with a profession spanning a number of many years. She’s identified for her distinctive vocal model and mixing of assorted musical genres.
  4. Teddy Afro (Tewodros Kassahun) – A recent Ethiopian musician and songwriter whose music usually carries social and political messages.
  5. Girma Bèyènè – A legendary Ethiopian jazz musician and composer identified for his contribution to the “Swinging Addis” period of Ethiopian music.

Ethiopian cinema and music have developed through the years, mixing conventional Ethiopian parts with up to date influences, making them a vital a part of the nation’s cultural id.