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Goal setting is an important activity. 

Organizations use goal setting to establish priorities for the operation. This helps to create budgets and allocate resources. The organization’s goals are often used to develop department and individual goals. 

Individuals also use goal setting to establish priorities. It helps them to focus on the right tasks and not get distracted, whether those distractions are internal or external. 

But I think sometimes when we talk about goals or making plans, it sounds boring. We might have a vision of a bunch of people spending hours arguing over words in a goal setting exercise. Wouldn’t it be great if goal setting – especially individual goal setting – could be a little fun? Because when things are fun, we like doing them. 

And in the case of goals. If working on our goals were fun, does that mean we would accomplish them? 

I recently discovered a goal setting journal from a company called “The Hero’s Journal”. It’s a hardbound booklet that allows you to set goals and accomplish them similar to a hero going on a quest. Each book is filled with art and prompts to help you along the way. The prompts include a gratitude component and listing your allies as well as challenges. 

There are three versions of the journal to suit your individual style – space theme with little aliens and far, far away planets, a knight complete with dragon venturing through the forest, and a school of wizardry with flying objects. Personally, I thought the themes are very unique touch. 

One of the things I like about the journal is that the artwork allows me to color as I’m working on my goals, which can be a fun activity. It also encourages me to write down what I’m grateful for, and studies show practicing gratitude can help us to relieve stress and burnout

Some readers might be saying, “This sounds really cool and fun. But I’m famous for buying stuff, using it for a few weeks, and then it starts to collect dust.” I hear you. And the folks at The Hero’s Journal thought about that too. You can get a deck of “side quests” to go with your journal. Getting a little bored? Need something different? The side quest deck is a set of 52 cards with activities on them. Some of the side quests include “call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while”, “learn something new about your town’s history”, and “watch one of your favorite movies at home”.  The side quest cards match the different journal themes, so you could have a matching journal and side quests or mix it up with a space knight or some wizard aliens. 

Now has always been the time of year when I start thinking about my goals for the next year. Yes, I start early. It takes time to weigh the options and to figure out the time and resource commitment. When I can add a little fun into the process, that’s great. Especially because I work remotely. In an office environment, the company might have fun signs or something talking about progress toward goals. When you’re not in the office every day, you might need something that helps you encourage yourself.

I thought The Hero’s Journal was a fun way to set goals and track progress toward accomplishing those goals. Even if you don’t buy the journal, think about your goal setting process and if there are some ways to infuse a little fun. It might help accomplish those goals faster. And make the journey rewarding and memorable.

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