Not Worth the Savings: 11 Things to Never Buy at Aldi

No grocery store is perfect, though Aldi is a mecca for savings. However, not everything is a good deal. Here are 11 things you should avoid buying at Aldi.

Paper Products

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Large families can fly through paper towels. You may think that Aldi is an excellent source to save money on your paper products.

Unfortunately, you would be wrong. You can often find similar, if not better, deals elsewhere. Worse yet, Aldi doesn’t accept coupons so you have no hope of lowering your further.

Brand Name Items

Best coupon apps
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One of the top ways Aldi can offer greatly reduced prices is they largely sell generic items. That can really stack the savings.

They really don’t offer a reduced price on brand name items. When you add the inability to use coupons you’re likely overpaying. Instead, look for better deals at another store and combine it with a receipt scanning app to get rebates on your spending.


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Aldi offers fantastic deals on their in-house brand soda. The problem? It doesn’t stack up well against known soda brands like Coke or Pepsi.

Soda can often be expensive, but many grocery stores use it as a loss leader. Watch for sales and stock up when it’s available on a discount.


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Aldi really specializes in packaged goods. Meat, on the other hand, can be hit or miss at the retailer.

They may not have the type of ground beef you prefer. For example, they might only have ground beef with a higher percentage of fat. Chicken may also require some additional work to remove parts before preparation.

Neither may bother you, but the lower-cost comes with a price.


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While Aldi does sell some alcohol, namely wine, the retailer often doesn’t offer much selection. The price is right, but many people report not liking the way the wine tastes.

It may bode well if you need something to cook with, but consuming it may be a different situation.


woman drinking coffee
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Do you want a low-cost cup of java every morning? You may think that Aldi is a good choice.

Unfortunately, some would prefer to have a cup of Folgers instead. You may find you enjoy the coffee sold at Aldi. Just don’t over commit and buy multiple bags without trying it first.

Personal Care Items

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Few things are worse than buying a deodorant that doesn’t keep you cool, or toothpaste that doesn’t freshen your breath.

If you’re like me, you’re brand loyal to items like that. The low-cost Aldi alternative comes at a price. Instead, find your favorite personal care items at a major retailer and use a coupon app to save money.

Sandwich Bags

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You don’t want your sandwich bag to open or rip apart in your bagged lunch. That can lead to a mess, or a less than desirable lunch.

Aldi may offer a good deal on sandwich bags, but you may be better served by purchasing the name brand alternative at another store. With a sale or coupon you may even save money vs. the Aldi option.

Cleaning Supplies

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There’s little need to overspend on cleaning supplies. However, repeated tests show the Aldi cleaning options don’t stand up to a name brand option.

They’re not as robust, and may leave you feeling your home is less than clean. Opt for the name brand instead.

Local Produce

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My family consumes a lot of local produce. Time and again Aldi leaves us disappointed with its offerings. Their selection is hit and miss.

Worse yet, fruits may be overripe with a more limited shelf life. You’re better served shopping at a local farmer’s market to get the variety and taste you want.

Cat Litter

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Just because it’s cat litter doesn’t mean you should always take the cheap option. Reviews of Aldi’s cat litter as less than glowing.

It lacks the clumping ability or odor elimination that some name brands. If it’s not doing what it’s meant to do, why go for the deal?

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