The State of h(AI)ring – buzzword or boon for HR?

Step into the forefront of contemporary hiring practices with our webinar, “The State of H(AI)ring,” that includes business specialists from Workable, Employed, and Aha! Expertise Consultants.

On this dynamic session, Trevor Schueren, Michalis Rikakis, Jon Dobrowolski, Andrea Hoffer, and Tatiana Czemerys supply invaluable insights into AI’s evolving function in recruitment.

The panel’s experience gives a complete understanding of present and future AI traits, empowering hiring groups to navigate expertise acquisition with data-driven decision-making and decreased bias.

Delve deeper into the nuances of AI-powered hiring, guaranteeing you keep forward within the ever-changing panorama of expertise acquisition.

Discover the brand new state of h(AI)ring

Keep forward of the curve and take heed to business specialists talk about the evolving traits of AI in HR, instrument integrations, and enhanced candidate experiences.

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